Reflections: Module 2

While working on module 2, I tried to do a lot of prep work. I thought about shots that I wanted and ideas that I wanted to capture from my 8 year old nephew, Logan. The problem with all of this was that I live in Illinois…and he lives in Williamsburg, VA. That meant that I had to rely of my sister, brother-in-law, and parents to try and capture footage of him doing things.

I used the storyboard template a little bit to look at what I wanted. Unfortunately I probably should have waited to do this until after I had my footage from my sister. When I did not receive the kind of footage I was expecting, I got totally stuck. Here are what some of my storyboards looked like.

DSC05073 DSC05074



What I realized that those were not going to work for me I resorted to trying to write out ideas. I had written shot lists before and I thought if I teased out a story I could create a shot list and then arrange my footage in that way.

DSC05076 DSC05077 DSC05078 DSC05079 DSC05080

None of this worked very well for me. It just led to me getting overwhelmed and focusing on what I did not have instead of what I actually had.

Unfortunately I do not have an earlier version of module 2 to show. I did not export the file until I reached a point where I decided that I had to be done. If I had to do it over I would be better about giving clear and direct information to my family members who were trying to help me. A lot of my missteps could have been avoided if I was more communicative. Also, I just really had to learn how to let go when things did not go the way I expected.


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