From Across the Way – VERY rough cut

This is the rough cut of my final video project for module 3. It only had one bit of music included in it at this point and I was pretty unsure of what to do with the phone call/video chat part of the video. I also had not come up with an ending yet.

Getting to this point was pretty difficult, to be honest. I had asked my family to take some footage for me of family events, and my original plan had been to piece it all together along with conversations I had with different family members. Well, my family gave a lot of good stuff but in the end I decided not to use any of it. Originally I had a lot of cutting back and forth between the conversation and videos from my family in Williamsburg, but it got really muddy. So this is the paired down version. It may be too simple…but it is better than it being overly jumpy, I think.


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