From Across the Way – Final!

This is my final version of From Across the Way. While I do not think it is perfect in any sense of the word, I feel pretty proud of it. I watch it now and still see parts I would cut out or bits of audio that need cleaning up (I still have not mastered mixing the sound properly!). But I feel like it came together much better than module 2.

The biggest challenge for me was (surprise, surprise) letting go of the story I thought I was telling, and allowing the footage to tell its own story. It was also hard to put myself into the video. I’m not really sure that I like this…but I think the story just drifted in that direction. Instead of being about a specific family member, the story turned into my efforts to try and keep in touch with all of them. So. I guess I had to be in it, right? Once I accepted that it was still a struggle to get the pieces to fit. I did a lot of writing in a notebook to try and sketch out ideas for how to flow, but this was not all too successful for me. To try and get a handle on this I took a suggestion from my boyfriend and used a method of writing all of the clips I had onto index cards. I laid them out around my apartment and would play around with organizing them. I wish I had taken a picture of this, but I didn’t think to at the time.

The most rewarding thing about this project was completing it. I never thought I would finish. While it is still rough around the edges and I still see things that I want to change, it is here and way better than module 2 (at least I think so!). I’m pretty proud of the part where I’m cutting between me typing and texting. I think it works well with the music (which is from the film Beginners). Also, adding music totally changed the piece. It definitely still needs work, but it is much better than it was without any kind of soundtrack.

So. Here it is!


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