Reflections: The Course

I have to be honest. This class has kind of convinced me that Yoda was wrong when he said, "Do or do not. There is not try." Let me explain. On the first day of class we were asked to write about our creative process. I admitted that I am generally very nervous about creating... Continue Reading →

Reflections: Module 3

I outline a lot of this in my posts of my rough and final cut, but I figured I would write something a little bit more thorough about my process for module 3. Since module 3 was based on module 2 for me, I tried to boil it down to the basics. I did a... Continue Reading →

Reflections: Module 2

While working on module 2, I tried to do a lot of prep work. I thought about shots that I wanted and ideas that I wanted to capture from my 8 year old nephew, Logan. The problem with all of this was that I live in Illinois...and he lives in Williamsburg, VA. That meant that... Continue Reading →

8 and Trying This is my video for module 2. Looking at it again it could use some more work. It is too long, the audio could use some cleaning up, and would benefit from some music to make the material more interesting. Also there are a few rough/awkward cuts that should be smoothed out.

Movement I think the first 17 seconds are pretty interesting and then it gets really boring. The audio needs to have transitions between them and it needs to build up to something stronger. But here you go. My first version of Movement.

Returning Home This is a piece I cut together to try and play with how video can be used to visualize reflection. I tried lightly message the audio by overlaying tracks. This is still a rough cut and I am not audio expert, but I think it could build a nice effect with more work.

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